Monday, 24 September 2012

The legal parts...

When it came to getting married - I didn't have a clue what to do. I mean when I've watched people getting married on the TV, they just make a decision that they want to get hitched, and 5 minutes later the bride is walking down the aisle with all the guests either side. Surely that's how it happens?

Well I'm sorry but I'm going to pop that bubble now! It takes weeks!

After choosing the venue, I Got in touch with the registry office in the region of the hotel (the venue will be aware of which it is) and asked if they were available for that date, and they were. I was then told, I'd have to get in touch with our local registry office and make an appointment to have our 'notice of marriage' done. This is the part that checks that you are who you say you are and that you and your husband to be do really want to get married. So I thought to myself, ooh we are both off work tomorrow, I'll try and get it booked in for then - wrong. I rang up and got told there was a 3 month waiting list! So I begrudgingly booked it for what seemed far in the future (I don't know about you, but I am very impatient and like things doing sooner rather than later).

Anyway, I managed to get a cancellation 5 weeks later. When we were going, you have to bring ID with you, like birth certificate, passport, utility bills (you get a list of requirements) . Initially we had to be seen separately to be asked questions about each other (I'd never been good at quizzes so was slightly panicked) but luckily we passed and our notice of marriage was done - nearly. It just had to go on display in the registry office so that members if the public can disagree with your choice to get married (unlikely I hope).

Once the 3 weeks were up, we were told to collect the notice of marriage. So once these were collected, I had to send them in the post to the cumbrian registry office (the one carrying out the wedding).

We then got the 'wedding pack' through from them, which is basically your plan of the ceremony. So what music do you want, who will be the ring bearer, who will be giving the bride away etc.

So now the legal parts done,melt the fun start!

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