Monday, 24 September 2012


Now, I don't know about you, but I have a huge family! So when we got engaged and began to plan the wedding, we had to make some tough choices. Do we have an 'ok' wedding, that we could barely afford, and have everyone there, OR do we have our perfect wedding day somewhere we both love and could afford, but only have parents and siblings? I think it's obvious.

Once we decided on the small and intimate wedding, I knew we could be more flexible on where we could get married, and I knew it had to be the lake district (can you imagine asking 200 guests to drive 2 hours on country roads for 1 day?)

Now obviously I would have liked to have celebrated starting married life with all of my family, so I had to switch my brain on and get thinking about how I could have my dream wedding AND still have my family's support. Then DING the light bulb flashed. The weekend after the wedding we decided to have a casual house party where everyone could toast our marriage.

So now you know hoe we come to the decision to have a small wedding. It gets exciting from here - honest!

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