Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Ok, so we have a venue, a registrar, a dress, favors, rings, so let's talk about flowers.

Now, your bouquet can come in many different sizes, shapes, colours - in fact, every bouquet is individual.

So, because I'm tall (over 6ft) I didn't want a hand tied bouquet as it would have looked lost on me, so I went for a teardrop bouquet which suited me as it had more length to it. The florist should have an idea of what bouquet will suit your body.

A decision to make is whether you want artificial flowers or fresh flowers. You can now get really good and life like artificial flowers, and you can get them in any colour you like (fresh flowers can only be chosen by what's in season).

If your like me and you like that extra bit of glitz and glam, you can also get 'crystal stems' to go in the bouquet and you can also get diamantes which can slip inside flowers such as roses.

A tip for all you brides to be - book a florist as soon as you can. You don't have to make any final decisions as to what you want, but if you don't book it as soon as you can, there's a chance they will be booked up (the first florist of choice was booked up so I had to find another).

When it comes to buttonholes, you can decide whether you want all of your guests to have one, or just the immediate family. Always make sure though that both mothers (brides and grooms) have that extra special corsage, and that the groom and father of the bride have something special too. For my wedding I had roses for the parents, and carnations for everyone else (I had the ladies carnations with diamantes an ribbon on).

So, get to your favourite florist and get your name down.
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