Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Ok, so if you'd have been thinking about Favors 10 years ago, you'd have been thinking sugared almonds.

Not any more. When it comes to Favors now,  you can have anything you like. Now, I got a bit carried away with mine, and ended up having favor bags (don't worry I will post a picture).

First things first, you need to decide how much you want to spend on Favors for  guest. So I'll give you a list of possible ideas you may like.

  • Candle holders with scented tea light (candle holders 25p each from ikea)
  • Lotto lucky dip (£1 each and you can get 'lucky in love' ticket holders 20 for £3)
  • Initials heart chocolates (£1.75 each from thorntons online)
  • Personalised chocolate bars (I got mine from the chocolate library and they taste and look fab)
  •  Bath bombs or soap (these can vary in price - depends on brand)
  • Now, for anyone getting married in the lake district - grasmere gingerbread! It's amazing and not too expensive
  • Homemade items (such a fudge, cookies etc - can work out very cheap)
  • Packes of seeds in a decorated envelope (sow some love) 
So, as you can probably guess,  you can make anything into a favor! Just don't forget to budget for them, because whether you have 10 guests, or 100 guests, it will still add up!

Thanks again for reading!

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